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Paul De Nobel



Paul De Nobel began his sport career as a taekwondoka by Aad van der Luit. In here he was very successfull and became

twice champion in the Netherlands as a single and once in team with Gerard van der Berg.

Later he started to practice full-contact karate reaching the 2nd dan. In the 80's he started to practice also Muay-Thai

kickboxing under the guide of Fred Royers and became a follower of Ino Alberga in Leiden. With Ino , Paul begane also to

practice Shotokan karate. In 1995 he became a karate teacher by K.B.N. (Karatedo Bond Nederland).

In 2003 he got the 4th dan in Shotokan karate.

He practiced also many other disciplines (judo, aikido, jiu jitsu, free fight and krav maga) and had trainings with big masters

such as Tom Wessels, Patrick McCarthy, Jan Kallenbach and Gerard en Nico Gordeau.

He is a full-time instructor in self-defense and anger-management by the 'Haaglanden Politie'.


Tahar v.d. Straaten



In 1986 Tahar started training in Wado-kai karate in Hilvarenbeek. His 1st teacher was Toon Swanen who was a student of Huub Meijer.

In 1990 he started to train with Huub Meijer by the 'Universitair sportcentrum' of the University in Eindhoven. Here he got his 3e kyu.

In 1991, because of his studies, he moved to Den Haag and started the practice of Wing-Chun kung-fu with Rob Vogel.

In 1993 Tahar moved to Leiden and started practicing Shotokan karate by Aad van Polanen and Tom Wessels.

After his 1st dan, Tahar started to train with Paul De Nobel, his current trainer.

After an intense karate practice under Paul supervision,in December 2009 he got his 3rd dan.

He followed seminars of Japanese masters like Kase, Miura, Enoeda, Susuki,Patrick McCarthy and Ted Wong (trainingspartner of Bruce Lee)

Tahar has a KBN dojo-assistent diploma and he is also active in the practice of kickbox.